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Lacrosse was invented by North American Indians, and is the oldest sport in North America.  Originally called Baggataway (little brother of war), the sport was not played for sport by the Indians.  Lacrosse was played as part of Indian rituals, training for warriors, to heal the sick, and even to settle disagreements between tribes.  The rules also varied from contest to contest.  Some games were very structured with a few players on each side, with clear field boundaries and playing time. Other times, games could last for days, with hundreds of players participating in a playing area that covered miles! These contests could get extremely intense, and it was not uncommon for severe injuries or even death to occur.

Today Lacrosse’s popularity is exploding!

Every day new lacrosse leagues are forming around the country. With the increase in the sport’s popularity comes the increased need for lacrosse coaches!  If you have volunteered to coach lacrosse for the first time or even if you have coached lacrosse before, you should check out the materials in the Coach Lacrosse Combo. The Coach Lacrosse Combo contains great lacrosse coaching tips, practice plans and over 30 effective lacrosse drills.

Not Just for Coaches

If you are a parent that is new to lacrosse and want to get great background information on the sport or you want to help your son or daughter improve their lacrosse skills, these books are for YOU!

The Coaching Lacrosse Book contains critical information on:

  • What will Work (What Will Not) with Young Players
  • Lacrosse Rules & Fundamentals
  • How to Develop an Effective & FUN Practice
  • How to Get Young Players to Understand Your Directions
  • How to Deal with the Problem Player
  • How to Deal with the Problem Parent
  • Organization your Team and Season
  • PLUS – Useful Coaching Forms to Make Your Life Easier!

The Lacrosse Drills & Sample Practice Plans Book cotains:

  • Over 30 Proven Effective Lacrosse Drills at your finger tips
  • A Variety of Drills Covering ALL Aspects of the Game
  • Pre Designed Practice Plans Ready for Immediate Use
  • Easy to follow Pictures and Diagrams explaining each drill

If you plan on Coaching Lacrosse, these books are essential!

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We are so sure that you will find these books useful in Coaching Lacrosse, that we are offering a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If you do not find these books helpful, return them for a full refund (less shipping if applicable). – You have nothing to lose!


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